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About us

What are we based on?


Individual and proactive approach

We approach each customer individually. We constantly try to modernize our premises and technology and adapt them to current customer requirements. We always approach the solution of the problem with respect to the specific needs of the client and the circumstances of the case.


Moders spaces and facilities

We have been modernizing warehouse space for a long time in order to provide our customers with services at a professional level. We have class A warehouse space. We have warehouses with a shelving system, an open-space area enabling stacking and storage of goods of various natures. We also provide our own transport from the customer to our warehouse, or the final dispatch of goods



Experience and practice

We have been dealing with storage for a long time and we have been constantly moving since the company was founded. We have a well-coordinated team. Our warehouse workers have many years of experience and every year they undergo training and take part in various events in order to keep up with the constantly evolving logistics industry. As well as our executives and administration. Everything is complemented by a lot of improvements from practice and technologies such as readers and shipping / receiving terminals, so as to minimize errors.



How can we help you?

Efektivní skladování a řízení zásob
Effective storage and inventory management

We always adapt the distribution of stocks and handling to its nature and customer requirements. The warehouse is designed to make the most of its capacity. Thanks to ingeniously designed warehouse locations, we are able to ensure the availability of all stocks, their dispatch and storage according to set systems and the possibility of accurate location. Everything takes place in communication with the customer, who has such an accurate overview of his stocks and has their handling under supervision.


Vlastní vozidla FLEXFOL

As part of the company’s development, we also invested in the possibility of our own transport. We have our own vehicles and cooperate with several carriers. We are able to transport goods of any nature anywhere. Our employees are also trained in the handling of goods of a dangerous nature ADR, as well as vehicles. Thanks to the possibility of our own transport, we can provide maximum service.


Komunikace FLEXFOL
Communication and fair dealing

We always try to build a relationship based on communication and reliability with our customers from the very beginning.


Where to find us?

We rent warehouses and offer our services in the following destinations